sipoteni capitala tineretului

Management Academy for Young People

  • Period: March 2020 – Present
  • Objectives:

    1) Increase the level of youth involvement in the implementation of local development initiatives.

    2) To support young people in entrepreneurship and economic planning.

  • Financed by: Ministry of Education, Culture and Research
  • Beneficiaries: Young people from the Republic of Moldova, aged 14-35, interested in entrepreneurship.

The project “Management Academy for Young People” is designed to develop management and entrepreneurship skills for young people. The project offers new opportunities for young people from the locality, district and the whole country to get involved in projects and activities, which will add value to what has been achieved so far.

The following activities are organised within the project:

StartUP HUB – a series of business trainings to provide young people with knowledge on how to identify a business idea, how to start a business and general knowledge about business management. The trainings are accredited by AIPA (State Agency for Intervention and Payments in Agriculture).

Project Management – a series of trainings in which young people developed project concepts, which were promoted and implemented in the Youth Civic Initiatives Grant Programme competition, as well as in other existing programmes/projects from other donors.

Youth Civic Initiatives Grant Programme – 9 grants have been awarded in the amount of up to MDL 10,000. The implementation of the projects are taking place from April to August 2021 and are monitored by the CCA team.

CEED Grow – a series of trainings is designed to introduce basic business development concepts and help an entrepreneur learn what they do not know or are not so familiar with. Focusing on leadership, marketing and financial issues facing growing companies, CEED GROW consists of hands-on training through participation in 5 Thematic Workshops that allow young entrepreneurs to access the ideas, knowledge and business people with enormous experience.

Forum of Young Entrepreneurs – will be organized in autumn 2021, an event that will sum up the activities carried out on entrepreneurship within the Sipoteni – Youth Capital 2020 program, award the successful entrepreneurs and launch the tourist routes, developed with the support of ANTRIM, within the program.