• Period: June 2017 – May 2018
  • Objectives:

    1) Professional education and capacity enhancement of youth, women and men on topics related to entrepreneurship in berry sector.

    2) Revitalise the local and regional economy through implementation of One Village One Product Model in Republic of Moldova.

    3) Support the national economy to become more independent and resilient to internal and external economic shocks through sectorial development.

  • Financed by: UK aid from the UK Government, Good Governance Fund
  • Beneficiaries: About 50-60 household from 3 villages from Central Region

The overall purpose of this project was to contribute to poverty reduction in rural areas of the Central Moldovan region by maximising community potential to enhance the local economic development and improve the living standards/welfare for their residents through implementing “One Village-One Product (OVOP)“Model.;

The OVOP approach included a set of activities designed for local /regional socio-economic development by creating and developing products and services based on the competitive advantages, culture and resources of the locality.

It was planned to have as beneficiaries about 50-60 households from 3 localities, they have been assisted by qualified experts in applying the OVOP model for berry sector. In the frame of the Project, have been developed a “Practical Guide on OVOP Model with lessons learned in Republic of Moldova” in order to replicate the Model in other localities in the future;